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March 24, 2014
Question: Who are the teams in the Marshall A's section?

Answered by Nate Tykwinski: The Marshall A's are in Section 7 of Class "B" with the Brainerd Bees, Cold Spring Springers, Granite City Grays, Sauk Rapids Cyclones, and St. Cloud Snappers. This is considered one of the toughest sections in the state. Cold Spring won the state championship in 2013, after finishing as runner-up in 2012. Meanwhile, Sauk Rapids won state in 2011.

March 24, 2014
Question: What league are you in?

Answered by Nate Tykwinski: The A's are in the Corn Belt League, along with the Bird Island Bullfrogs, Granite Falls Kilowatts, Milroy Yankees, Raymond Rockets, Sacred Heart Saints, and Willmar Rails. The A's joined the Corn Belt in 2012, and are the only Class B team, as all the others are Class C.

January 28, 2014
Question: Are there tryouts to join the team?

Answered by Matt Suby: Yes, we will be holding open tryouts for new players in the spring. The exact time and date will be published on the website, twitter, and facebook once we get closer. If you have interest, I recommend emailing me at Matthew.Suby@smsu.edu.

June 4, 2012
Question: Do you have handicap seating established at Legion Field? My father in law is coming to the high school games being held there tomorrow, he just had his knee replaced last week.

Answered by Nate Tykwinski: Yes, Legion Field has a designated area behind home plate for wheelchairs, etc. If he is on crutches, there are also a number of picnic tables on ground level.

April 20, 2012
Question: What is the difference between league games and section games?

Answered by Sean Culhane: 99% of all Minnesota Amateur teams belong to a League that is located in their section of the state, much like a conference. Most leagues are a mix of Class B teams (Marshall As) and Class C teams (ex. Granite Falls Kilowatts) that play each other, generally, a couple times a summer. The As used to belong to the Southern Minny League (Rochester, Austin, Mankato, etc.), but we decided to move for a couple of reasons.
  1. Too much travel
  2. Our section had been moved.
When they moved our section we were lucky enough to be invited into the Corn Belt League, which will leave the As as the only Class B team in the league.

Sections are the teams that you will have to play to go to the state tournament, almost exactly the same as high school. Example would be Marshall High School playing in the Southwest Conference (Marshall As in the Corn Belt) and then playing other teams to go to the state tournament. Sometimes teams in the same League, or conference, will be in the same Section, but for the As this doesnt happen due to all other teams in our league being Class C. All teams in the Corn Belt other than the As will join with another League to comprise their section and play for the right to represent at the State Tournament. The As will actually move north to play teams from the St. Cloud area that are all Class B teams.

Here is the Corn Belt League (As havent been added yet):

Here is our section:

As you can see completely different.

The one thing that ALL league and section games have in common is player eligibility. All players must play in 4 games (a game is counted after 1 pitch) and then they are eligible to play in the playoffs for their team. A player could play all year, but not get enough eligibility games in and they will not be allowed to play in post season.

It is confusing, but the best way to view it is this: League = Conference and Section/Region = Section and players must play in 4 of those games to play in postseason. The As guys have roughly 17 games to fulfill that!

Hope this helps!

July 20, 2011
Question: We have not been to a game in a few years, but are planning to attend next week. Is there a charge to attend a game?

Answered by Nate Tykwinski: While the great majority of amateur teams in Minnesota charge admission, all regular season Marshall A's home games are free of charge. This policy helps make the A's among the best attended teams in the state.

Playoff games, however, are required by the state amateur baseball board to charge an admission fee.

June 7, 2011
Question: Since the new look Marshall A's are younger and faster than they have been in years past - are you going to changing your coaching style to adapt to their strengths to take the pressure of the youngsters? Also, do you feel like there is more pressure on you, as manager, this year with a younger group?

Answered by manager Sean Culhane: I think if you look over our first six games, things have changed from previous years and the biggest thing on offense is bunting. With us having a little more team speed, I dont want to waste an out if we dont have toso I think stealing and the use of the hit and run will be more our style. I dont know if there is added pressure on me, but I do know one thing and that is I need to get us bonded as a team. I believe that is coming along nicely and I think we have the makings of a nice summer!

June 2, 2011
Question: Have the A's ever won a state championship?

Answered by Nate Tykwinski: No. The A's have advanced as far as the quarterfinals in both 1976 and 1985. The 1976 team lost 3-2 to Verndale, while the 1985 team lost 9-3 to Red Wing. The tournament was single elimination format during those years.

Most recently, the 2008 team made it to the final weekend of the state tournament, but lost to St. Michaels for their second loss in the now double elimination format.

May 19, 2011
Question: Will there be a season without the jokester/bulldog (Matt Paulsen)?

Answered by manager Sean Culhane: Matt is definitely an irreplaceable member of the Marshall As, but we will have to continue on without him in 2011. In his time in an As uniform, Matt helped us to 3 straight state tourneys and numerous regular season wins! He will always be a Marshall A!

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